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4440 Putnam Street Marianna FL United States 32446

(850) 526-7559

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Three generations of women

Building and Unlocking Dreams


Why we are here


Habilitative Services' unwavering commitment is to promote quality of life and help those we serve build and unlock dreams.  This pledge of excellence is the Hab. Services' way.

Habilitative Services' Mission Statement

Habilitative Services is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to providing community-based training, interventive, and counseling services and supports for challenged adults, children, and families, enabling them to achieve a desired quality of life.  Our strength is generated from the principles of vision, individual worth, second-mile service, integrity, unity, and commitment to our clients, our funding sources, our team and our community.

Our Clients

We are committed to providing our clients with an individualized array of services where dreams are safe and encouraged, where means are provided for realizing those dreams, and where each client is listened to and respected. We look beyond labels and histories to empower each client to leave their own legacy in an environment of safety and security.  We are sensitive to our clients needs and dedicated to their satisfaction.

Our Funding Sources

We are committed to building a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration.  We provide timely communication on important matters, quality documentation of services, honest invoicing and absolute reliability.  Our quality services make our funding sources look good.

Our Team

We are committed to the recruitment and development of the best individuals in our field, and we recognize the importance of each individual.  Our people are empowered to really make a difference through quality training, having room to be creative, and honest feedback.  We maintain an open door policy at all levels that allows for the free flow of ideas, communication, and team decision making.  We rally around one another and support one another.  We give our people the ability to advance by pursuing growth, by promoting in-house when possible and by maintaining sound fiscal management.  Our people are known for their competence and character.

Our Community

We are committed to the enhancement of the community of which we are a part by our leadership, active participation in community affairs, and patronizing of local merchants.  Our programs empower those we serve to become active contributors to community life.  We help the community feel safe through education, information, accountability, and professional service delivery.

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