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At Habilitative Services, our principles are the heart and soul of "who we are".  We want them to be more than just words that we talk about, but to be real, tangible - something that we can see exemplified in each of us.  There, we decided to attempt to find definitaion or description that would help us see these principles as "living" concepts.  They are....


"Stick-to-it-ivness", seeing things through, following through.  An example would be staying late to complete as assigned task, taking extra" time to be respectful and courteous, being flexible enough to get the "mission" accomplished.  Really believing in what we do.

Individual Worth

Asserting the belief in the potential or worth of another, even when others are throwing up road blocks.  Assisting others to see their worth and enabling them to reach their potential.  Asserting the belief that one has the capacity to change and grow and advocating for their chance to do so.


It means honesty, moral soundness, genuine, and unadulterated.  It goes past the surface to the heart and character of the person.  What you do when "no one is looking".

2nd Mile Service

Doing more than asked or required.  This goes beyond the job description to get the "mission" accomplished.  It too must be from the heart.


The communication, support, actions, and attitude that enhances the teamship/family of the agency, the program, the funding sources, and the client.


These ared the actions that build and unlock dreams.  It is the creativity that enhances the mission.

our principles

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